MOODLE – Backup and restore DB Orders

Export DB DUMP with ignore table mdl_logstore_standard_log

mysqldump moodle --ignore-table=mdl_logstore_standard_log | gzip > /backup/moodledb-date +\%Y-\%m-\%d-\%H-\%M-\%S.sql.gz 

Import DB DUMP

gunzip < moodledb_dump.sql.gz | mysql -u moodle -p moodle

import DB dump without log table

gzip -cd "./mydb.sql.gz" | sed -r '/INSERT INTO `(log_table_1|log_table_2|log_table_3|log_table_4)`/d' | gzip > "./mydb2.sql.gz"


Moodle – Query to copy logstore_standard_log to logstore_xapi_log

Query to Import all current moodle logs to xapi logs

TRUNCATE mdl_logstore_xapi_log;
INSERT INTO mdl_logstore_xapi_log
 (id, eventname, component, action, target, objecttable, objectid, crud, edulevel, contextid, contextlevel, contextinstanceid, userid, courseid, relateduserid, anonymous, other, timecreated, origin, ip, realuserid) 
 select * 
 from mdl_logstore_standard_log;

Moodle – Filter Team Work tutorial

This tutorial will describe how to use Team Work filter plugin in Moodle environment. Please, follow the instructions: 

Download plugin with link:


Moodle -Query to change all users details

UPDATE mdl_user 
idnumber= CONCAT('1000',,'2000')
WHERE id>=7

Management – Helpful Extensions for Trello and Toggl

Small Trello Inconveniences 

Sitting down to work on my next Trello ticket I realized my Toggl account was still on my previous task. I had to stop what I was doing and switch to Toggl counter to stop and create a new counter for my current task. Having finished the test I wanted to make a list of a few fixes that had to be tested elsewhere – since there is no easy way to refer to Trello cards other than their url address I made a list of links for reference.


Moodle – Add multi-lang strings in Javascript

As we all know well, Moodle is a multilingual system which, depending on the wishes of the user, can perfectly support many languages. As a rule, when developing a new plugin, there are no big difficulties for the introduction of a language translator, but there are a few nuances about which we will talk about.