Moodle -Query to change all users details

UPDATE mdl_user SET username=CONCAT(‘username’,,phone1=CONCAT(‘11111’,,phone2=CONCAT(‘11111’,,firstname=CONCAT(‘Name’,,lastname=CONCAT(‘Last’,,email=CONCAT(’email’,,’’), idnumber= CONCAT(‘1000′,,’2000’)WHERE id>=7

Management – Helpful Extensions for Trello and Toggl

Small Trello Inconveniences  Sitting down to work on my next Trello ticket I realized my Toggl account was still on my previous task. I had to stop what I was doing and switch to Toggl counter to stop and create a new counter for my current task. Having finished the test I wanted to make […]

Math – Tangent Point Problem and Solution

In this problem the student is supposed to address some claims about tangents and function and to provide graphs which support his answers. In general student can use 1 method of adding a tangent line (by adding a straight line which is movable and with adjustable slope) and 2 methods of adding a function: