Moodle – Add multi-lang strings in Javascript

As we all know well, Moodle is a multilingual system which, depending on the wishes of the user, can perfectly support many languages. As a rule, when developing a new plugin, there are no big difficulties for the introduction of a language translator, but there are a few nuances about which we will talk about.

Moodle – Create a new Course format, based on Topics

Brief about course formats in Moodle A course format is a special type of plugin in Moodle, which is responsible for the course layout – what the course page looks like (/course/view.php) in both view and editing mode, which resources and activities must be displayed, how they are styled and in which order they are arranged, […]

Moodle – Install Unoconv on Ubuntu

On Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 18 sudo apt-get install python3-minimal -y sudo apt-get install graphviz -y sudo apt-get install ghostscript -y sudo apt-get install du -y sudo apt-get install aspell -y sudo apt-get install dot -y sudo apt-get install unoconv -y Source Moodle Doc: Bash Script: